ColourPop Summer Picks: Super Shock Shadow As You Wave | Pressed Shadows Sea Stars, Beach Blanket

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

I've finally gotten around to reviewing a few items I picked up from the ColourPop Summer Edit! I knew I had to have the Super Shock Shadow As You Wave ($5.00) at first glance. Sea Stars and Beach Blanket (currently on sale for $4.00 each) were fillers, as it just felt weird only buying one thing! I also filmed a little session using all three of these shadows.

My skin type

As this is basically an eyeshadow review post, I will talk about my oily eye lids! Eyeshadow is no match for them without primer. (Check out my post on using concealer as primer - it works just as good if not better!)

What I like about it

Well, As You Wave is absolutely beautiful. It looks like a summer sunset! I was generally unimpressed with Sea Stars at first swatch but once I put it in my crease I knew that this was a great color for that. Beach Blanket fell short for me because it appears kind of grayish on me. I need to play around with it a bit more to see if it has any real potential.

In addition, this eyeshadow look lasted on me all day with minimal creasing.

What could be better

I don't see myself using Beach Blanket as an all-over lid color; it's just too cool for me. Sea Stars, on the other hand, would be good for that but super subtle (like my Giorgio Armani Eye Tint in Armani Cruise) and works better as a crease color for me. The only critical thing I can say about As You Wave is that it takes a few coats for me to get the coverage that I want from the shadow. I wonder how this would look as a powder shadow and if it would be easier to work with.

Joy Factor

On a scale of 1-10, As You Wave is a 10! It's beautiful and if my attention span were't so short, I would wear it everyday. Sea Stars is a 7 while Beach Blanket is a 5.

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