Should I go natural??

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Well, it's decision time! My last relaxer was last July or August. During my last co wash, those permed ends were just breaking off. I can't decide if I want to big chop though. Y'all know how it is!! However, I think I have found a successful way to maintain my hair in its natural state. Here's a pic of what I'm working with. Y'all better not call me Miss Ceelie!!

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  1. Well, I think you should at least give it a try! And transitioning can suck sometimes but with the right products, it's a breeze. Are you still using your old hair products or have you bought some natural products?

  2. I have bought some things that make it easier to detangle. Not necessarily natural products... a friend of mine recommended miss jessie's pudding, maybe I will try that out


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