Body Beauty: How To Make Yourself Drink More Water

Friday, September 12, 2014

So this may not apply to everybody, but I have always sort of had a hard time drinking water. Yes, water is good for you. Yes, you need water to function properly. Yes, water does wonderful things for your digestion and your skin. Yes, water is amazing. But let's be honest, water is boring. This is a complete and total shame because I've had a kidney stone before! I know, shameful... and quite painful! Over the years, I have found different ways to trick myself into drinking more water.

Drink It In a Bottle

Early on, I realized that drinking tap water or water out of anything other than a bottle was part of my problem. I know that sounds bourgeois as hell but when I get something in a bottle, I am more inclined to drink it. I found that true with water. This was a very effective method for me. The only bad thing was that I ended up with tons of water bottles around the house. To remedy that, I started buying the smaller bottles so I actually finish the entire bottle. Turns out, I didn't feel like it was enough water so I just willed myself to finish the bottle I started.

My favorite flat water- Dasani. I like it because it has a taste to it. Some people don't like Dasani but it's definitely what I reach for in CVS.

Make It Tasty

Crystal Light Mocktail Drink Mix Mojito

I got into Crystal Light and Dasani Drops fairly late in the water drinking game. Part of the reason I have a hard time drinking water is because its s just not tasty! There are different flavors in both of these items and different brands you can choose from to spice things up. When I started using these sweeteners, I drank tons more water. This method all depends on if you prefer those artificial sweeteners. I personally don't have a problem with the low calorie/low carb ones.

My favorite Crystal Light- there are so many flavors there's no way I can choose just one. And new ones are always coming out. I usually take the single packet crystal light but the powder mix in the cylinder is just as good. I have only tried a few flavors of the Dasani drops, I think mixed berry and pineapple coconut were a couple of them.

Make It Bubbly

This is the latest way for me to drink more water. I really don't drink soda unless I need caffeine and it's too late for coffee. But sometimes, I just crave something sweet to drink, with some pizazz! Well sparkling water or seltzer water does the trick for me. I am also into the flavored sparkling waters, although I prefer the seltzer (usually no sugar).

My favorite sparkling water- Voss. Best damn sparkling water period. And YES there is a difference! A cashier at Whole Foods tried to say it's all the same. I said NO it is NOT! Not all sparkling water is made the same! I have tried so many brands and the ones I feel stay carbonated and just taste the most crisp and fresh are Voss and Polar. Dasani also makes a pretty good one. Voss is pricey... but sometimes I splurge. I mostly buy Polar because it comes in different flavors, is sold by the case, and is the best alternative to Voss, which I haven't seen sold in a case. If you cannot tell, I'm passionate about my sparkling water. It has changed the way I keep myself hydrated! That Sodastream machine has been suggested to me many times, but I just feel some hesitation for some reason. I'm not sure why.

All three of these tips absolutely work. For my everyday beverage, I literally drink pretty much only water-- I've just put some makeup on it! 

How do you get yourself to drink more water?

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  1. I really struggle to drink plain water, so i always have to add flavour to it! xx

    Gemma |

  2. I add fruits or lime/lemon to mine. It's a great way to detox and healthy, natural flavors!

    1. Great idea. I sometimes use cucumbers, mint, and a little bit of lime. Makes for some tasty water.


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