Outre Quick Weave Eco Wig Violet

Thursday, December 18, 2014

I started out making a video with this wig, but as the cold weather has set in proper lighting has been sparse. I just cannot find a sweet spot in my place, but I a working on it.

So this wig is bob-a-licious. This is Violet from the Outre Quick Weave Eco Wig collection. I am not sure what's up with the "eco" part, but my guess is because it's economically reasonable. I believe I paid no more than $14 for this piece. 

Here is what the model looks like on the package:

As you can see, the wig can be curled and manipulated with heat, up to 400 degrees F. The wig is synthetic and naturally has feather and flair. I really don't think you would need to curl this wig. It is a little shiny, but nothing some baby powder couldn't fix. I tried a few different things with this wig including switching the parts and tucking it behind my ears. Violet had adjustable straps, a comb in the front and a comb in the back. It is constructed like your average wig on the inside. Have a look at more photos:


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  1. Outre? Shocking.

    Looks very vintage, though. Very 1960. Send me that top :-)

    1. Yes, very much so. The top is from Ann Taylor ;-)


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