Topshop Lips in Mink Lipstick

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

So far, I am very pleased with Topshop’s cosmetics line. I was looking for a new nude lip product and Topshop’s Lips in Mink ($12.00) does the trick for me. For me, this is a true nude. I usually apply lip balm before I put anything on my lips, but I tried this lipstick with and without lip balm and it is still very moisturizing. Color payoff is great and I can see this tube lasting me a while. It doesn't wash me out and is perfect for those days when I want a more natural look. Have a look at some photos!

As you can see, it’s pricier than a drugstore lip item but not as much as a department store brand. I’d say that’s a pretty sweet compromise for the quality. I am a fan!


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