A Little House of Lashes Haul

Sunday, May 10, 2015

I really like false lashes; I don't know many people that don't. They make your eyes look so much more attractive. As much as I love wearing them, I am pretty picky about them. And when I go a while without wearing them, I am less of an expert at applying them. I don't like it when the band is super thick and I don't like them with too much volume...

I haven't been on a lashes haul in a while and decided to pick up a few pair from House of Lashes. I chose Au Naturale ($9.00), Siren ($9.00), and some lower lashes in Precious ($7.00).

House of Lashes Au Naturale

House of Lashes Au Naturale

House of Lashes Siren

House of Lashes Siren

House of Lashes Precious

House of Lashes Precious
The lashes are beautiful and lightweight. I love the nearly invisible band. To apply, I just used the Duo black eyelash glue. Overall, the lashes are gorgeous. I usually stick with the Ardell and Andrea lashes so it's nice when new things come on the market. I think the higher price point is justified because of the uniqueness of some of the lashes; House of Lashes did a good job with marketing, packaging, and giving off a sense of a luxury product. My only qualm with the lashes is that I feel like they are too long. I have been told they aren't by people giving me massive compliments on them when I wear them, I'm just not used to having them so long. That is definitely made up for in how natural they look (especially in pictures). Also,  I did have to cut a bit from them because they were too long for my eyelid, but I have to do that will all my lashes. I'm a fan of House of Lashes!

Wearing the Siren lashes


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