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Sunday, June 25, 2017

I recently acquired two new pieces of eye makeup that I have just been obsessed with. The first is the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Proliner in Obsidian Black, and the other is an old flame that came out with a new color, the Eye Tint in Armani Cruise. Armani Cruise is a warm almond brown and provides me a hint of all-day color.

Giorgio Armani Sunset Cruise Collection |

Giorgio Armani Proliner |

Giorgio Armani Eye Tint Armani Cruise |

Giorgio Armani Sunset Cruise Collection |
Here, I am wearing the Eye Tint, Armani Cruise, as well as the Proliner

Giorgio Armani Sunset Cruise Collection |

Giorgio Armani Proliner |
Wearing only the Proliner on upper lash line

Giorgio Armani Proliner |

Giorgio Armani Proliner |
Liner on both top and bottom lash line

My skin type

My lids are incredibly oily. That said, this eyeliner lasts on my lids all day and throughout the night without fading, flaking, or disappearing from the inside of my eyelid. With primer, the eye tint lasts all day on me.

How I use it

Shake well and gently slide the tip of the eyeliner across the areas of the eye I want it on.

Eye Tint:
I apply the color directly to my lid with the wand and blend out with a fluffy crease brush, reapplying if necessary. The Eye Tints also work great on the lower lash line as well.

What I like about it

I love how black it is, I love that it lasts on my oily lids all day, and I love the flexible felt-tip applicator. There are two other colors in the line (see swatches here) and I am tempted to get one or both of them. On the Armani Beauty website, they appear to be limited edition so I might just do that.

Eye Tint:
I'm not gonna lie, I thought the color was going to be more vibrant than it was but I'm ok with the color payoff as its incredibly professional and easy to apply. It takes five minutes to apply and blend.

What could be better

The applicator and tube it comes in is pretty standard for a liquid liner, but I find myself continuously shaking the tube to get the color on the wand. I generally have to go over the line of color twice to get the fully-opaque black I'm after.

While I love the felt-tip applicator, there is a learning curve to the liner. When I first started using it, I was applying a lot of pressure to my lid with the tip of the applicator, which, as it turns out, is unnecessary. When I stopped applying so much pressure, and just gently let the tip slide across my lid, I started to get the color payoff I wanted. I still, however, need to clean it up a bit with two precise coats.

For those reasons, this likely isn't a liner for someone that struggles with liquid eyeliner or a beginner in makeup.

Eye Tint:
I honestly don't have any complaints about the Eye Tint, besides the color issues I mentioned before. I have a few Eye Tints from Armani Beauty so I was prepared to pay the price for them ($39.00 each); they are worth it.

Joy Factor

On a scale of 1-10, both the Proliner and the Eye Tint are a 9! I have been reaching for the Proliner since I got it and took it on vacation with me as my only eyeliner to Turks & Caicos. The Eye Tint is a basic everyday eye color; I find myself thinking I need to switch it up and use something else sometimes.

Where to indulge

Saks Fifth Avenue | Bloomingdale's | Nordstrom | Giorgio Armani  | Barney's | Neiman Marcus


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