For National Lipstick Day, Shop Your Own Stash

Monday, July 29, 2019

Hear me out on this one! I know all of these National Whatever Days are meant to drive consumerism but I have a suggestion for National Lipstick Day: shop your own stash! While I realize there are a lot of deals to be had, perhaps now would be a good time to ask yourself, "do I have space for this?"

National Lipstick Day |

I am writing this blog post because I do not actually have space for new lipstick lol. And I don't know who else may have needed to hear or see this, but maybe just wear your favorite lipstick today instead!

National Lipstick Day |

National Lipstick Day |

I do apologize in advance if anyone feels personally attacked.

National Lipstick Day |

National Lipstick Day |

I've also got lip products in purses I'm not using at the moment and in other places I hardly ever end up reaching for.

Happy National Lipstick Day!


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