OGX Quenched Sea Mineral Moisture Shampoo and Moisture Surge Deep Treatment

I have been wanting to try the OGX Quenched Sea Mineral Moisture line since I saw it in Vogue maybe 3 issues back. I finally decided to pick up the Quenched Sea Mineral Moisture Shampoo and the Moisture Surge Deep Treatment

From the description of the shampoo, it looked very promising. It claims to:

Quench dry, damaged hair with the help of this rich blend with sea minerals along with algae and supercharged sea kelp. Helps to wrap split ends, revive moisture, and transform dry, brittle hair into soft, supple perfection.

Well, they have their packaging and marketing right! 

Now, I really don’t shampoo my hair that often because it leaves my hair so dry and thirsty. I usually just use conditioner to wash my hair aka cowash, but I had run out of shampoo so it was time to buy another anyway (I was previously using the Nexxus Humectress line). My hair is pretty coarse in its natural state; right now it’s fully relaxed.

The shampoo and conditioner smells very fresh to me; I really like the scent. It smells like I’ve just gotten out of the shower. When I use the conditioner, the smell of it lingers with me throughout the day. 

The shampoo performed very well. I really scrubbed my scalp and didn’t experience any tangling out of the ordinary. I have been using the Moisture Surge Deep Treatment as a leave-in conditioner and it has been giving me great results. I used this right after using the shampoo and I was able to detangle easily before and after relaxing. I also use this on dry hair as well and it makes my hair so soft, smooth, and manageable! If my hair is not relaxed, I  ususally don’t detangle my hair until it is completely dry because I lose a lot of hair that way (90% of the time, I don’t blow dry my hair). After I relax, I can detangle at the conditioner stage and not lose a massive amount of hair since the relaxer takes care of that!

I have yet to use the Moisture Surge Deep Treatment as a deep treatment — that is, leaving it on my hair for a time and then washing it out. For deep treatments, I usually generate heat by using a shower cap a warm hat and leaving it on my head for around an hour. For this, I am still using Crece Pelo, a Dominican hair product.

Overall, I really like the line. I haven’t been using it long enough to report on the claims it makes as far as wrapping split ends and I sure do have many of them! It certainly provides moisture and transforms dry hair. I even use the conditioner on my extensions when they look like they need some moisture and it works great as well. If you’re in the market for a new shampoo, I would suggest this line to you. 




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