The New Dior All-in-One Face, Lip & Eye Makeup Palette Will Be Mine!

It’s that time of the year when Dior releases the most beautiful things! Last year, I treated myself to a beautiful, gold lipstick holder and case. While that case is black this year, the All-in-One Face, Lip & Eye Makeup Palette caught my eye.

The palette comes in a beautiful black and gold holder with a 5 Couleurs palette, two powder blushes, a highlighter, and four lipstick shades – all of them look like they would work for my skin tone. What I noticed right away was that I could 1) use this palette all year round; these are shades I venture toward for everyday use 2) What a great friggin’ price for all that you get (hoping the quality is there) and 3) this palette is perfect for travel. It could be the only thing I need to bring! Well, I think I would bring extra tubes of lipstick just in case these aren’t so good, but I am willing to give this a try!

Although this is on sale at Nordstrom for 15% off, I may just but it from the Dior website – I’m a sucker for their beautiful gift packaging I repurpose for home décor. This is limited edition and probably will sell out so I’m picking mine up today.


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