Dior Addict Dupe: KIKO Glossy Dream Sheer Lipstick

Thursday, March 03, 2016

I have it on really good authority (stats, baby) that a lot of people are crazy about Dior's Dior Addict lipsticks. So when I went a'swatching at KIKO, the Glossy Dream Sheer Lipsticks ($12.00) instantly reminded me a lot of those Dior Addict lipsticks! But how do they live up to Dior Addict?

Kiko Glossy Dream Sheer Lipstick

Semi-sheer lipstick that naturally reflects the light. The formula contains orchid extracts and hyaluronic filling spheres. 
The creamy texture softens the lips, leaving them supple and radiant. The application awakens your senses; your lips will feel wonderful. The easy-to-apply lipstick glides on perfectly.
Glossy Dream Sheer Lipstick comes in a new, modern tube with a metallic finish. This lipstick's distinguishing characteristic is the unique button at the top of the cap.
KIKO usually does a great job with packaing and these lipsticks are no exception. There is a little button you push on the top of the the lipstick to "activate" the cap (to open it) and the cover slides off. It twists up like a normal lipstick, and these have that magnetic force the Dior Addict lipsticks have when capping the lipstick.

Kiko Glossy Dream Sheer Lipstick

Kiko Glossy Dream Sheer Lipstick

Kiko Glossy Dream Sheer Lipstick

Kiko Glossy Dream Sheer Lipstick

I ended up choosing the color Coral (210) because Corals never really work out for me as I envision them, and I thought that because these are sheer, it might be something I can work with. I also swatched Vintage Rose (203) and Dahlia (208), both of which are beautiful. 

Kiko Glossy Dream Sheer Lipstick

Kiko Glossy Dream Sheer Lipstick - Coral (210)

Kiko Glossy Dream Sheer Lipstick - Coral (210)
The thing I loved the most about the Dior Addict lipsticks, aside from the packaging is the amount of moisture the lipstick provides. 
The Kiko lipstick is also pretty moisturizing, but a little bit sticky compared to Dior Addict, which isn't sticky at all. The color is sheer and noticeable and can be built up for intensity, just like Dior Addict. 

Overall, I'd say this is a pretty good dupe, and at less than half the price of Dior ($35.00) I'd say it's a win, win, win. 


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