A Night on the Town with Sleek Makeup Creme to Powder Blush in Gerbera

You know the feeling you get after a night of dancing and sweating that by the time you get home, you just know your makeup looks a hot mess and has probably melted off your face? I often feel like that when I go out, in part to my oily skin and also because of the humidity this time of year. Sometimes, that is exactly the case, but as of late, my makeup looks just as good as when I left the house haha!

This was a night I decided to test out Sleek Makeup’s Creme to Powder Blush in Gerbera. Let me just first say I turn to this blush a lot since I purchased it last month, and each time I’ve used it, it holds up the entire day! 

I apply this blush in a C curve with a blush brush in a patting motion: from the apples of my cheeks all the way to my temples. It’s very buildable and a little bit goes a long way. 

I often complain that a lot of blushes turn out looking similar on me, therefore I don’t usually buy so much blush. I picked this one up because of it’s orangey undertones; I don’t have any other blush like it. I am so happy with my purchase! I will definitely be picking up more of these. 

When I got home, I was genuinely surprised that the color hadn’t faded at all. And it was a good night!

Thinking of what colors to pick up next…!




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