An Amazing, Worthwhile Sephora 250 Point Reward: Bite Beauty Bellini!

I love it when things are free and they turn out to be so satisfying and worth my while! The Bite Beauty 250 point reward from Sephora is one of those things! 

The reward includes a mini (and I mean mini) tube of Bite Beauty’s Luminous Creme Lipstick in the color Bellini accompanied by a lip gloss in the same color. It also comes with a handy-dandy mirror for touch-ups. Bellini is described as an electric pink and it is quite accurate. It’s bright but very beautiful.

Bite Beauty Bellini – Sephora 250 point reward 

Bite Beauty Bellini – Sephora 250 point reward 
Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick – Bellini
Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lip Gloss – Bellini
Bite Beauty Bellini – lipstick, left; lip gloss, right
Bite Beauty Bellini: lipstick and lip gloss

I absolutely love the lipstick. I’m not a lip gloss person because I am not a fan of shiny lips, but let me tell you: I love the combination! The gloss isn’t super glossy, or sticky for that matter (another plus) and compliments the lipstick perfectly! On my dark skin, the color is a very bright dark pink. When I hear electric pink, I immediately think neon, but this is not neon on me (no need to fear) as it has much cooler undertones. It’s extremely flattering on me. 

Application could be a bit easier with this tiny lipstick. Since the slanted part of the lipstick is so tiny, you really have to be careful lining your lips with this. I don’t typically use lip liner, but I think it would be very useful with these little babies. It’s the first Bite Beauty mini that I have managed to not break off when capping it. -_-  

Bite Beauty Bellini: lipstick and lip gloss

Sunlight is pretty friggin’ hard to come by in the mornings for some reason. For the past week, I have had such a hard time finding some good, natural light to take photos in. Even outdoors, the photos come out looking dark |side eye|. I’m over the gloomy weather already (although it is nice to not be battered by the sun). Anyway, here is a pick of me in just the lipstick:

The lip gloss definitely makes it brighter (not in a bad way) and more sexy in my opinion. I wore the lipstick to work without the gloss, ate breakfast, had two cups of coffee and the lipstick was still in place! I mean perfectly in place! Very impressed with that! After removing it for my dental appointment, I was left with a nice pink stain.

This lipstick really performs. I foresee actually using up all of this. It’s very moisturizing and in concert with the lip gloss, even more so. Get your tails to Sephora and grab these! It’s free! Well… if you have 250 points to spare!




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