Bantu Knots on my Relaxed Hair

Good afternoon mateys! I just wanted to show you guys some styles I’m trying on my newly relaxed hair. I do miss my extensions and will definitely get back to them but I’m trying out my natural hair for now. Makes me feel free!

Results of Bantu Knots, Day 1 updo

So first of all the only thing I used on my hair was the Nexxus Gorgeous Curls Curl Enhancing Foam Styler

Next I sectioned me hair in 5 parts horizontally and created the knots. I looked like a dinosaur, but when I woke up the results were very pretty. I used virgin coconut oil as I was unravelling them.

The front of my hair is in a little know. It started out as a pin curl lol
I decided do an updo.

I actually went for a run after doing this updo and my hair still looked fabulous!

My favorite new hairstyle!

The next day, I sectioned my hair into 4 parts by creating an X in my hair. Here are the results. Again, coconut oil was used to take them apart and the Nexxus foam was used to create them.


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