Behold the Nars Unfiltered I Palette and All Its Glory!

The lust I had for the Nars Unfiltered I Palette ($59.00) was so real. When it became available over the Sephora VIB sale, I was like, yessssssssss must have it. But then it sold out and my life abruptly ended. Well, maybe not that serious but I was pretty bummed out about it. And then, behold! It came back around and I scooped it up immediately.

Left to Right: Watch Me, Me First, Takeover, Out There, Chic, Exhibit A
Highlight: Watch Me; Blush: Out There
Highlight: Watch Me; Blush: Out There

Other makeup details

My skin type

I have warm, oily skin with yellow undertones.

How I use it

As this is a blush palette, I use it with a fluffy blush brush to build the color. For a more intense look, I use a tapered blush brush that really just gets after the color. One or two layers at most is all I need with the tapered brush.

I like to apply my blush on the apples of my cheeks and all the way up to my temples. I have applied my blush like this for forever and I love the way it looks on me. I sometimes mix a couple of the colors together, like Chic for contour and Out There for my main blush. It’s absolutely beautiful.



Watch Me (opalescent gold sheen)

Me First (apricot sheen)

Takeover (copper rose sheen)

Out There (deep russet matte)

Chic (rich raspberry matte)

Exhibit A (red matte)

All of the colors swatch beautifully and apply even more beautifully on my skin. I don’t need much for the coverage I prefer and it lasts all day. The highlighters in the palette are also beautiful. I find that Takeover needs a good little push, but Watch Me and Me First apply effortlessly to my skin tone. Use a light hand with Exhibit A because it can get real clown-like real fast. My favorites are Out There, Chic, and Watch Me.

I have never been a huge fan of blush because I most of the time, many of the colors look the same on me. This palette has totally changed my mind. I have always had a strong preference to Nars blushes, but the competition, in my opinion, cannot hold a candle to this palette!

Where to indulge

Barney’s | Bloomingdale’s | Nordstrom | Neiman Marcus | Lord & Taylor | Selfridges




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