Blonde Passion Twists on Dark Skin

Let’s get the burning questions out of the way:

Yes, I did them myself! And boy, was it a process! First thing’s first – I got the hair from Amazon and it was $34.99/pack. The hair comes pre-looped and already colored so all you need to do is put them in. The vendor included everything you need to complete the hairstyle.

I watched a few YouTube videos to see how to install the passion twists. Now, last December, I did a big chop. My hair is all gone – like shaved down to the scalp. I mean, it’s been slowly growing back, but it’s the shortest it’s ever been. More on that later! I decided to do the rubber band method since my hair was just a tad too short for cornrows.

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The hair came in at 24 inches log. I had in my mind that Megan Good, kind of hairstyle; she has been rocking goddess twists for some time. For whatever reason, I hadn’t seen many images or videos with blonde passion twists so I decided to take a chance on this ombre hair in 1B/27. I bought two packages of the hair.

I spent half the day finishing my entire head. I had a very hard time in the back and had no idea whether or not my parts were straight. Hey, it was my first time! Once done, I wasn’t completely sure how I felt about them. I felt for sure this is a style I needed to get professionally done. After throwing on some makeup and pulling the hair up, I really liked the way it looked, especially with the gold/blonde colors against my skin tone.

Although I didn’t get the installation and hairstyle perfect, I have a good idea of what it’s supposed to look like. I used all the hair and it was quite heavy on my head – something that was just a whole lot for DC summers. That’s another reason I think if I had gotten this professionally done and used less hair, it would have been perfect. I think about halfway through installation, I got tired and sloppy. By the way, I didn’t have a problem with the hair unraveling.

As I said in the video, I felt like an African princess with the hair! I hope this is helpful!


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  1. Little Joker
    July 19, 2022 / 10:22 pm

    Yeah us very pretty but much too hot!

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