Changing It Up: Pre-tied Head Wraps for Beautiful Hairstyles

Today, I want to talk about these pre-tied head wraps I purchased from Amazon. They were super affordable, they came in a pack of three, and they are incredibly cute. I have been wanting some sort of a hair accessory to change up my hairstyles and these fit the bill.

The head wraps are great for running errands, for taking out the trash, and for every day wear. In the set includes a black, tan, and blue floral head wrap. I can find anything in my wardrobe to match with these. The knot on the head wrap isn’t very big, and the fabric is really stretchy to accommodate all head sizes. They are very comfortable and sometimes you can forget you have them on.

I love them! They can be dressed up or dressed down. My favorite is definitely the blue floral, which I love to pair with a red lip. These were $14.99 on Amazon.


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