Check Out the New Beauty Try on Tool at Bloomingdales!

Have you checked out the new beauty try-on tool over at  It’s a tool that lets you see what certain beauty products look like on different skin tones. I was surprised to see this on the website, but I must say I am quite the sucker for these things. Here is a screen shot:

I went through a bunch of different lip products and found that you can view lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip tints. I didn’t see any lip liners available through this tool. You can also try eyeshadows and nail polishes.

As far as accuracy, I think they are computer generated for color and won’t take the place of a real swatch. Here is a screenshot of a Nars single eyeshadow in Bavaria with the models:

This looks like it will be a great reference and I am hoping more websites implement something like this.



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