ColourPop Super Shock Eyeshadow in Rex Review

If I can get right down to business, ColourPop Eyeshadow > ColourPop Lippie Stix!

Now this is a product I can return to! I recently went on a short weekend trip to Atlanta and figured this would be the perfect time to test out the ColourPop eyeshadows and also I figured there would be more sunlight than up here in dreary DC… but I was wrong. There was no sunlight, but it was moderately warmer down there. 

ColourPop eyeshadow in Rex

I showed you all swatches of Rex and Juicer a while back and wanted to let you have a look at how it looks on eyelids. I figured it was enough by itself since it was so sparkly and I legit did not have the time to do anything other than swipe some color across my lids (and of course eyeliner). 

ColourPop eyeshadow in Rex
ColourPop eyeshadow in Rex

I thought it was very interesting that I interpreted the color as a dark, sparkly purple or blue, but when I put it on, it seemed like a sparkly black, and even seemed similar my sweater, which was a dark green. I use the word interesting because it neither pleased me nor excited me. It was just… curious. Perhaps if I wear something purple, it will appear purple… or blue! It really reminds me now of that crazy blue/black, white/gold dress that was going around (and drove me completely nuts!!!).

Either way, it stayed on my lids all day and I didn’t have to use any primer, which is impressive because my eyelids are majorly oily

I did find that application was much easier with a wet brush. I’m not sure how much weekday use I will get out of this shadow, but it is for sure an option for going out. 

ColourPop eyeshadow in Rex: Indoors, with flash
ColourPop eyeshadow in Rex: Indoors with flash
ColourPop eyeshadow in Rex: Outdoors, natural light
ColourPop eyeshadow in Rex: Outdoors, natural light

Is it green?? Is it black?? Perhaps it’s actually white and gold!! Gaaahhhhh o_O



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