How To: Brow Tinting with Godefroy Brow Tint (Natural Black)

About 7 years ago, I went and got semi-permanent brow tattoos. Three years after, they had faded almost completely. My brows looked good, but my experience at the venue wasn’t positive enough that I would go back. I even thought it was a waste of time repeating the process because I would always have to go and redo them. Earlier this year, I tried the Godefroy Shape & Tint Permanent Eyebrow Color and Shaping Kit in Natural Black, to try and get back some of what I lost, and to be able to just wake up with eyebrows.

The Kit comes with

  • Developer
  • Brow color capsules
  • Stick to apply color to the brow
  • Waxing strips
  • Mixing cup

The instructions were pretty straight-forward. Mix the developer with the brow color and apply to brow one at a time. Leave on for three minutes. If you need it to be darker, go back over it. Also, the instructions said to shape your brows after you tint them.

Brows, before I did anything to them

As you can see my brows are very sparse.

Mixing it all together

I ended up ditching the stick and using the brush I generally fill my brows in with. I didn’t find the stick to be easy to use.

I actually had to repeat the process on my brows three times to achieve this color.

And now to shape the brows…

Waxing strips
I initially cut these in half but ended up ditching these and using my Ardell brow shapers because these just were not user friendly
After waxing

So here’s the thing. I know what permanent means. It really bugs me that cosmetics companies are able to use this word all willy nilly. Permanent is unchanging! Anything that I have ever tried that claimed to be permanent has always reverted back to its natural state after a period of time, In this case, it was roughly three days.


Two days later
Three days later

By the end of the third day, there was little to no color left on my brows. I really liked the result directly after I applied it, but even after the first day I saw the color fading. I made sure to avoid exfoliating over my eyebrows and washed my face normally. I also avoided acids and anything else I thought might agitate the color.

I also was really annoyed that I didn’t even use two of the products the kit came with because they weren’t the easiest to use – the application/mixing stick and the waxing strips. This kit can totally be improved. But even then, the color only lasted me three days. No bueno. I loved the outcome after I first applied it, but I would not repurchase this solely because it turned out to be quite time consuming and the color only lasted three days.

Perhaps if you have lighter skin than me, it will last for a more reasonable amount of time. There is a darker color in Jet Black, but I doubt the issue of the color fading too quickly would be resolved.

If you’d like to try your hand at it, I purchased this from Amazon (it’s around $9.00 now).




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