Essie- Toggle to the Top


Just in time for the holidays, I bring you Essie’s Toggle to the Top, which is apparently part of their winter collection from last year. I saw them on a whim in CVS when I was figuring out what to get because I needed cash back. I caught this out of the corner of my eye—and how could I not? That glimmer certainly caught my eye!

I am wearing two coats, Essie No Chips Ahead as a base and OPI top coat.

Both of my thumbs chipped after a day of keyboard banging. Could be due to the user (me) or could just be Essie. Either way, I have yet to paint my own nails with any kind of nail polish and it lasts more than a day before it starts chipping. When I get them done professionally, they last about three days. Have a  look!

Natural light

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