Giovanni Avocado & Olive Oil Leave-In Spray

I fell in love with Giovanni when I tried their Smooth as Silk Leave-In Conditioner. What took me so long to try other products in their brand?! I was trolling around in Marshalls when I came across the Giovanni Avocado & Olive Oil Leave-In Spray (4 fl oz) for dry, damaged hair. 

My hair is definitely dry and it’s almost always thirsty. The texture of my hair is kinky/curly, although I am currently “relaxed.” I put relaxed in quotes because I relax quarterly or sometimes four times per year. Every 6 six weeks, I will relax my edges only and leave the rest of my hair to do what it pleases. 

Giovanni Avocado & Olive Oil Leave-In Spray

I wear wigs 99% of the time but try not to neglect my natural hair. I have found that braiding it up and leaving it alone is the best thing for it. One day, I’m confident I will feel patient enough to not relax at all. Back to the spray! It is supposed to:

Mists vital moisture beyond hair surface, for a flexible, polished finish
Moisturizes & nourishes
Creates supple control
Restores shine & bounce
Improves elasticity
Protects hair while heat-styling

I use this spray mostly in between washes. It works very well at making my coils super soft and moisturized! I part my hair into four sections and spray each section one at a time. After spraying one section, I will detangle and then move on to the next. I don’t like to detangle my hair when it is still wet (I lose too much hair that way), so I don’t opt to use this on wet hair. I let my hair air dry 85% of the time and only blow dry when I have things on my agenda. Those are a lot of claims the spray makes; I can co-sign the moisturize and nourish part but nothing else, really. 

I also love the way this smells; so fresh! Doesn’t smell like avocado or olive oil, but more like cucumbers! It’s got the texture/volume of a true liquid, like water. And with that, I feel like this spray didn’t really last me that long, though; I ran out after 3 months. I still have hair products from 3 years ago!

Easy to use and affordable! Highly recommend. 

Although I purchased this from Marshalls. I found this on Amazon for under $6!




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