Makeup By Mario Haul and First Impressions

Today I have a little Makeup by Mario haul to share. I really love the work that Mario does so when he released his first full line of makeup, I knew had to try a few pieces.

Makeup by Mario haul

I chose eye and cheek products because those were what I was most interested in. I managed to snag the eye palette on sale, but everything else was retail price.

Makeup by Mario Haul

Since people like to start with bad news first, I’ll get it out the way. The Soft Pop Powder Blush in Mellow Mauve was a bit disappointing; it showed up quite ashy on my skin and the more I layered it, the ashier it got. I tried to choose a shade that would show up on my skin but sadly, this did not perform. I did have better luck with the blush stick!

The Soft Glow Highlighter in Honey is pretty and definitely has glitter. You will be able to build the intensity of the highlighter, but you will need a light hand.

Makeup by Mario Blush & Highlighter

Makeup by Mario Blush & Highlighter

I was really surprised the brand went with what seems like to me, lower quality plastic casings for their products. I love, love, love the black and white aesthetic, but don’t really care for the packaging; I just don’t find it very elegant. I do like that the Glam Eyeshadow Quad and other palettes come with mirrors and this shade, Bronzy Glam, is right up my alley for an everyday eyeshadow palette you can also glam up.

Makeup by Mario Glam Eyeshadow Quad Bronzy Glam

Makeup by Mario Glam Eyeshadow Quad Bronzy Glam

The Soft Pop Blush Stick in Raspberry is robust in color and shows up on me more of a hot pink (it is described as a bright pink). Both the blush stick and the Soft Sculpt Shaping Stick come with built in brushes to blend the color. I have not been able to successfully use the blush stick as it was designed: applying color to the cheeks and blending out with the accompanying brush. When I do this, it removes my base makeup. It works better when I use my own blush brush,  swipe it across the stick and apply it to my cheeks that way. If you don’t wear a lot of base makeup, this might work for you. You could also apply with your fingers and try not to use so much pressure with the brush. I’m still trying to perfect it.

Makeup by Mario Soft Pop Blush Stick

Makeup by Mario Soft Sculpt Shaping Stick

I had the same experience with the contour stick. I purchased the shade Deep Dark, which is the darkest shade, and it just sort of blends into my skin. I think for this to work, I would need a darker shade, or use this as a concealer or foundation which works very well because it covers everything and doesn’t become shiny after hours of wear. Sadly, it’s not the right shade for me to use it that way.

So, if you got through this, not very great first impressions, but I am willing to try to make them work. I will return with an update when things come together better.

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