Malaysian Sew-In Hair for a 7 Day Cruise

Hello my wonderful people! Right about now, I’m chilling in San Juan Puerto Rico! I just got back from a seven day cruise of the southern Caribbean and will stay here for one night. I used this hair for the cruise and just took it out today. Lately I have been having the urge to wear my natural hair out.

I didn’t have time to seal the wefts as I am a major procrastinator. This time, I sewed the hair on to a weaving cap to make a U-part wig. The hair shed really bad. That seems to be my problem with the hair I purchase as of late. Growl! Make it so bad, it’s not like you get a lot of hair on the wefts to begin with… The hair I got was in 20″ and 22″ but you get 2 packs of each. I purchased 2 bundles of each and I made the mistake of not using it all so it came out thin. That was my bad. I did a middle part this time– I am starting to grow accustomed to seeing myself in a middle part.

I do hate that I spent so much on it to only get a week’s wear out of it. I definitely could have kept it longer if I’d used all the hair I bought and didn’t get frustrated with my scalp. I did end up straightening it and I can say it was the best part about the hair. It straightens wonderfully and looks so natural. I need to get serious about sealing those wefts! I also used the curling wand on it and it was fine. Here are some photos:


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