Great Lip Tint for Dark Skin: Nature Republic Real Gel Tints

I have always liked the idea of lip tint, but never thought I could wear them until I got into Korean Beauty. I reviewed a lip tint from Nature Republic before, and picked the Nature Republic Real Gel Tints up the same time I did that one, also from Nature Republic.

My skin type

My lips are generally dry.

What it’s supposed to do

Provide a nice wash of natural color.

How I use it

I apply the tint to my lips liberally and let it dry down, which takes at least five minutes. It feels a bit sticky upon application but once it dries the feeling goes away.

What I like about it

I love how natural it looks. It’s transfer-proof eating and drinking but comes off pretty easy when you wipe it off. These otherwise last on me the entire day.

What could be better

After drying down, the two colors don’t look that different. It would be nice if the pink were more pink once it settled.

Joy Factor

On a scale of 1-10, these lip tints are are a 7. I don’t always reach for them, but when I do, I’m glad I did.

Where to indulge

Yesstyle | Nature Republic | Koreadepart | W2Beauty




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