Never Run Out of Your Favorite Candle Again with This Candle Warmer

My love for candles has led me to a place I never thought I’d be. That place is preferring candle warmers to a lit candle. I received this beautiful black candle warmer as a gift and I’ve been getting really good use out of it. So much so, I’m considering buying a couple more.

The main reason I’m obsessed with this candle warmer is because it seems like I’ll never run out of my favorite candles, especially the ones that are more pricey. It does not appear to evaporate the wax like a lot candle would. When I’ve had enough smells for the day and turn the candle warmer off, the wax solidifies and I don’t notice any reduction in wax.

Another reason I love this candle warmer is the design. The black and gold with a marble base compliments my living room decor and would vibe with anyone’s space.

I have noticed that once the wax resolidifies, the wicks are out of place. Not a big deal for me since the candles I use under the warmer, I don’t plan to burn. I also read that eventually the oils in the candle that give it scent will eventually wear down but that’s yet to be seen. 🤞🏾

One of the nice things about this candle warmer is the timer and the way you can adjust the light to regulate the intensity of the scent. This candle warmer on the max light setting has the whole living area and kitchen smelling glorious. The timer has options for one, two, or four hours. You can also just leave the warmer on and turn it off manually.

The last thing I’ll mention is the candle warmer’s hood has an adjustable arm that lets you increase or decrease the height of the candle warmer to accommodate the height of your candle.

In short, this thing is perfect! You won’t regret getting yourself one. Or two! Obviously, they make perfect gifts.


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