New Virgin Malaysian Straight Hair!

Happy Friday!

So it was beyond time for me to replace my hairstyle and I sort of spontaneously emptied a shopping cart I had been holding for some time…

I just actually purchased this hair this week. I received it, washed it, blow dried it, flat ironed it, sewed on the elastic and dropped it on my head. I decided on a straight wig because I am just plain tired of curly and wavy hair. Maybe in a couple weeks I will change my mind and want some curls but I doubt it.

This little baby here is a glueless full lace wig. There isn’t much to report on it as of yet because today was my first day wearing it. I can say that it was very windy today and I did not experience tangling. The wig does not shed either. I washed it this morning and was on the lookout for dye and there wasn’t a trace. So far so good!

The wig came pre-styled with a middle part. Yeah, I know! I never do middle parts because I don’t like the way I look with them but I wanted to change it up a little. I think the part still needs some work though. I have put concealer on it to mimic my scalp but I think I should tweak it a bit more. I don’t want to make it too permanent of a part because I will probably end up switching it to a side part.

For application, I am using the elastic band method. No tape, no glue. Ever.

I purchased the wig from a vendor from AliExpress called Ali Human Hair Supplies. Hopefully I will be adding them to my favorites list! Again, it is Malaysian Virgin Straight Hair and it is 20 inches long. On me, it is a little bit past bra strap length. Have a look at more photos!

And one for good measure!


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