New Year, New Growth

Good day to you all and happy, happy new year!

One of my new year’s resolutions is to take better care of my hair. I really had to break down what that meant for me in order for me to be able to achieve this goal. I used to relax my hair every six weeks to the T. As a result, my hair got really thin. Once I decreased that to every three or four month, I noticed the thickness returning to my hair. But with thickness comes a longer detangling process and more frustration. But that’s besides the point… now I want growth!

I don’t usually wear my hair out so it confuses me as to why my hair actually grows so little. I barely manipulate it and I rarely apply heat to it. Yet, when I am detangling and washing my hair, I feel like I lose a lot in the process. Obviously, there will be some “hair loss” meaning because I keep it braided up and strands of hair naturally fall out daily, it appears as if I am losing hair. But I feel like since I cut my hair into a bob, it’s still a bob! To help speed up the process I have started taking Biotin pills.

I opted for the ULTRA STRENGTH Biotin (lol) with 10,000 mcg. In the “regular” strength biotin, I believe it’s 5,000 mcg. 

I have been taking these for a few weeks only, and I haven’t dealt with my hair in about a week. I don’t expect to see any growth for a few months though. I take one pill daily, per instructions and I am thinking about increasing it to two. I know the body has a way of getting rid of things when it’s too much, so when I do increase the dose I will monitor that and update you all. 

For me, topical hair growth aids just end up making my nails grow super fast and my hair grow at a pretty normal pace– funny how that works!There are so many concoctions out there claiming to make your hair grow. Taking vitamins is something I have never been good at, but I find placing them in the correct spot is the key to taking them everyday! For me, they must be in the right place, at the right time!

I am open to all suggestions!



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