Oldie but Goodie: Silicon Mix Hair Treatment (Dominican Hair Product)

You know when you stop using something (because you’re a product junkie) and the next time you reach for it you ask yourself, “Why did I ever stop using that?

Can’t just be me. 

I have this relationship with every Silicon Mix product I have ever used. Silicon Mix is a Dominican hair product and is very effective on naturally curly hair to soften and detangle. My first experience with Silicon Mix was their leave-in conditioner and my hair loves it. Naturally, I also veered to their hair treatment, which is essentially a deep conditioner. 

Silicon Mix Hair Treatment

Silicon Mix Hair Treatment
Silicon Mix Hair Treatment
Silicon Mix Hair Treatment

Before use, I use a cleansing conditioner (I haven’t used shampoo in a while) and apply this liberally from root to end; I mean I really saturate my hair in it. I don’t own a steamer or a dryer, and I really don’t have time to sit up under something (a.k.a. I’m impatient) so what I do is apply a shower cap, put a beanie over the shower cap, and my very, very warm winter trapper hat over that. I stay like this for about an hour before I wash it out (and I do chores around the house, eat, shoot the breeze, etc.).  When I remove it, my hair is already soft and more manageable. I rinse it out and let it air dry (95% of the time).

My hair loves this stuff and I am guessing it’s because of the ceramide. As far as comparing it to other Dominican deep conditioning hair treatments, this is right up there with Crece Pelo, if not better. They both are very effective deep conditioners and very affordable. Silicon Mix runs you roughly $10-11 depending on where you buy it. 

You can purchase Silicon Mix easiest on Amazon.




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