Outre Synthetic Half Wig Quick Weave Brie

Alright guys so I got this wig because of how it looked on the mannequin and the bangs actually looked full. I really like this wig. I originally wanted it in a 4/30 but Hairsisters sent it to me in a 1B which is actually pretty dark. The only thing about this wig is when it tangles, it TANGLES! Make sure you have a paddle brush at all times and don’t even think about combing it! It won’t happen! The only reason I won’t repurchase this is because it’s so silky looking. So synthetic. If you don’t mind that, hey go for it. It feels like Barbie hair to me. It sheds too. Not terribly but it’s noticeable. It only sheds while brushing though. I never thought I would like myself with bangs but it doesn’t look bad. The cut is perfect. They need to make a human hair version of this and I will be happy πŸ™‚


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