Review: Function of Beauty Customizable Hair Products

I recently placed an order from the personalized hair care company, Function of Beauty. I found out about Function of Beauty through the ladies over at beautyandthecat and let πŸ‘ me πŸ‘ tell πŸ‘ you πŸ‘ something! This shampoo and conditioner is great! I was initially skeptical because I didn’t think there would be many options for my hair type, but boy was I wrong!

My hair type

100% natural, kinky/coily, super dry but elastic and bouncy once moisturized properly. I chopped off all of my relaxed ends so damage isn’t a problem for me anymore.

What it’s supposed to do

The beauty of Function of Beauty is that you can actually customize what it’s supposed to do. You take a quiz and answer depending on your hair type (there’s no way around this and no default shampoo and conditioner). All of the issues I mentioned above are the answers I chose and Function of Beauty formulated a shampoo and conditioner for me. Before completing your purchase, you must choose a scent and color (I believe I chose the cucumber mint one), and then choose what size you would like each in; I chose the 8 oz. shampoo and the 16 oz. conditioner ($42.00* plus free shipping). It’s worth mentioning that their products are formulated without sulfates, toxins, and parabens, and are cruelty free.


Below are the lists of the ingredients used to customize my Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner.

Shampoo ingredients
Conditioner ingredients

How I use it

I use both of these like any other shampoo and conditioner. Wet hair, apply shampoo (I only shampooed one time) and follow up with conditioner. I did notice that the color I chose was more pastel than what’s displayed on the website, so don’t be prepared for this really vibrant color. I don’t mind this at all and actually prefer it this way; it’s pleasant to look at. I drink a lot of cucumber mint water and was expecting it to smell like that but it doesn’t; it’s more… perfumey? I chose the light scent option btw, but I don’t feel this smells like cucumbers to me. Also fine because it smells really good either way. The package also comes with two pumps for easy access to the products.


The shampoo did a thorough job of cleansing my hair and scalp. I liked the smell, but the conditioner stole the show. What’s amazing, is that I only left the conditioner on my hair for about 10 minutes before rinsing it out and it made my hair feel as if I had a hair treatment! It was at this point in my natural hair journey that I was looking for a shampoo and conditioner that worked for my seemingly always parched hair, but also didn’t just dry out after it air dried.

The shampoo looks like a normal shampoo, and the conditioner is pretty thick. I always have to drench my hair in conditioner so even though I got the larger size, I can see myself running out of this with consistent use.

Joy Factor

On a scale of 1-10, the selection I chose from Function of Beauty is a 10!! It’s pricey, IMO, up there with professional products but it’s totally worth it! I don’t mind paying professional prices for something that gives me professional results.

Where to indulge

Function of Beauty



*The products mentioned in this post were received as a gift.


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