Salerm Silk Protein Leave-In Conditioner Review (Dominican Hair Care Product)

I have been through a lot of leave-in conditioners. And I mean A LOT. The best to date is the Salerm Silk Protein Leave-In conditioner. I first tried this out when I went to get a blowout at a Dominican salon in Miami about three years ago. I always try to take a gander at what the beauticians are using and my my… I was transitioning at the time– nine months into natural. I went to the salon because I was fed up with trying to detangle. I thought, I want to KNOW what they are going to put in my hair. Before the roller set, she applied the Salerm. At this point, I had never heard of it– and didn’t remember about it for a long time. I thought maybe I imagined the whole thing.

Absolutely not. My hair melted underneath this leave-in conditioner!

So what is this leave-in better than?

Better than Giovanni.

Better than Knot Today.

Better than Shea Moistures.

Better than ORS Hair Repair Intense Moisture Cream

Better than Silicon Mix Leave-In

Better than a slew of other leave-in conditioners I have purchased.

Why is it better? Because the minute you put it on your dry, damaged, unmanageable hair, (if all that applies to you like it does to me) it melts into some silk luxuriousness!

I would suggest this primarily for people with natural curly/ethnic hair. It’s very thick in consistency and super moisturizing.I think it may be too heavy on people with straighter hair.I use this about every other day to keep my hair moisturized when I’m wearing my natural hair out.


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