Sleek Makeup Creme to Powder Blush Gerbera & Face Contour Kit in Dark

I recently purchased a couple items from the Sleek Makeup website; long overdue as this is my first Sleek Makeup purchase! The first item I picked up was the Creme to Powder Blush in Gerbera ($8.99). Now this photo on the box has some color issues! I definitely took these photos in natural sunlight, so not sure why the camera has the color on the box looking like it’s an orange beige color because it’s not. The color in the palette is a better representation of how it actually looks, along with the swatch. I like the idea of cream blushes, but I haven’t always had a lot of luck with them; I generally prefer powder blushes but these seemed like they would be very pigmented for my dark skin.

The next item I picked up was the Face Contour Kit in Dark ($9.99). I have heard good things about this palette and decided to pick it up. I don’t usually contour because I think it’s a bit extreme and requires more makeup than I’d like to wear, but this one here actually looks like the dark color will be dark enough for me and the highlighter is gorgeous! I actually can’t wait to try this out! It’s nice and basic and comes with instructions on contouring — great for beginners. Also the color is more saturated than they appear in the photos.

Looking forward to trying these out!


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