How to Make the BEST Bubble Bath EVER!!!

Are you tired of mediocre baths? Do you crave bubbles for days and relaxation? Are you as pissed as I am that you know what bubble baths are supposed to look like, but there is practically nothing that gives you that desired effect?

Well… I am always on the hunt for fantastic bubbles. I love taking baths. I would do it every single day if not for summer and hotness. And I have been on a long quest to find the perfect bubble bath.

Alas! I have found it! I apologize in advance to those of you that do not have an actual bathtub and can’t take advantage of having a bath. It’s funny how as they years go on, things that used to be basic are now luxuries. Conspiracy I say! Anyhoo, on to the bubbles!

I jumped on the LUSH wagon very late. I just did not like the idea of paying so much money for something you could only use once. Well, my search became desperate. I bought some random bubble bath from Amazon that had good reviews, but those darn bubbles lasted a good three minutes. Growl. And left a nasty ring around the tub. So one day I decided to stop in LUSH and give something a try. After a few experiments I finally figured out the formula for the absolute best bubble bath I have ever had in my life!


One half BIG BLUE Bath Bomb ($6.40)

One half AMANDOPONDO Bubble Bar ($7.95)

Big Blue Bath Bomb

Big Blue Bath Bomb
Amandopondo Bubble Bar
Amandopondo Bubble Bar

How to use

  1. Fill your bathtub with water at the temperature of your choice, Break BIG BLUE in half and crumble underneath the stream of water until there is nothing left. The water will turn a beautiful deep turquoise color. Save the other half for the next bath. It has seaweed and sea salt in it so there will be some seaweed in your tub. But fear not! It makes the experience all the more relaxing. Also Lavender!
  2. Break AMANDOPONDO in half and crumble underneath the stream of water until there is nothing left. You will immediately see beautiful bubbles. Save the other half for the next bath. This bubble bar smells great– not too strong that it will be left on your skin after you finish bathing, not too weak that you can’t smell anything at all. JUST RIGHT.
  3. Get in there and relax!

I usually spend an hour and a half in the tub when I use this amazing combination of happiness! YES– you read that right– an hour and a half! I completely ignore my pruney fingers and commence with the relaxation. The bubbles last a good hour and after that other half hour they are still present just not as supple as before. This is LITERALLY the best bath ever!

Take it a step further and pour yourself a glass of wine (of course, if you’re of age) and put on some relaxing music. I happen to love bathing while listening to the ODESZA station on Pandora. I am pretty addicted to their music right now, but to each their own! For a more spa-like experience, go for the New Age Ambient channel on Pandora. 




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