Tom Ford Velvet Orchid ~ Perfect for Fall!

Are you an adult? Do you want to smell like one?

Well those were my thoughts when I got a whiff of Tom Ford Velvet Orchid. It instantly reminded me of adulthood– the fabulous kind! Not the responsible, bill paying, boring kind! I had my reservations because such strong scents don’t usually appeal to me, but WHEN I TRIED IT ON… it had  FALL 2014 written all over it! Here is a description of the scent, from Tom Ford himself…

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid Eau De Parfum 1.7oz

Introducing Tom Ford’s new signature fragrance. Velvet
orchid lives in a world of glamorous mystique, evolving the carnal grandeur and
seductive power of tom ford’s original black orchid into a harmonious and
uber-feminine fragrance.

Lavished with cool freshness, dramatic petals, honey and
rum, Tom Ford velvet orchid is an oriental floral fragrance that teases and
caresses with enveloping and brilliant warmth.

So what’s stopping me from being an adult woman?? That adult price! You’ve got to give up $112 big ones for this, which isn’t unlike Mr. Tom Ford, as he is a high-end luxury designer.

But you know what… Flowerbomb is more than that and my Jean Paul Classique is  almost as much (if you haven’t tried Classique, you’re missing out on the sexiest fragrance I have ever encountered!). I really like this fragrance and I am definitely willing to fork over the cash for it. Besides, I haven’t purchased perfume in SOOOO long. I am due for one!

What do you guys think of this fragrance?


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