Trying Out: Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer

As I am in the market for a new concealer, I decided to try out the new one I have spotted at Sephora over the past couple of weeks: it’s the Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer ($14.00). I have been wanting to try the Nars one, but decided to test this one out since the name of it is so fancy (haha). Currently, I am using Amazing Cosmetics concealer in Deep and Eve Pearl Dual Salmon Concealer Treatment in Medium/Tan. I’ve been juggling these two for a number of years and am ready for some diversity!

Looking online, I thought I wanted to go with Dulce de Leche; in-store swatches proved me wrong. So first of all, before you buy, I highly recommend swatching in-store as the colors look different online. I ended up going with Pot de Creme (16). 

L to R: Pot de Creme (16), Chocolate Souffle (17), Ganache (18)

The primary use of this concealer will be for under my eyes, which I heard it was good for. 

L to R: Pot de Creme (16), Chocolate Souffle (17), Ganache (18)

Eye swatches taken with iPhone 5S:

Left Eye: Pot de Creme, Right Eye: Chocolate Souffle
 Sephora Bright Gel Serum Concealer Pot de Creme

I chose Pot de Creme because I thought it just brightened up the area underneath my eyes more. Chocolate souffle seemed to just blend right on into my skin. I think that shade would be great for covering old acne marks. I’ll be testing out Pot de Creme and reporting back for a full review. 




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