A Long Weekend in Miami

Earlier this month, I took a short trip back to my old stomping grounds. I spent eight glorious years in my 20’s in Miami and it’s always a pleasure to go back. Last year, my partner and I went over Valentine’s Day <3 and we decided to do it again. It’s become a tradition, I think.

The weather wasn’t the best; it was in the low 70s when we arrived and it really didn’t get any better. Thank heavens for the humidity or the trip may have been a bust. It rained two out of the four days we were there, but we were determined not to have that ruin our good time.

We stayed at The National Hotel in Miami Beach. This has become one of our favorite hotels in South Beach. It’s adults only, it’s right on the beach, and it’s close to everything we like to do. This is our third time staying here. The first stop after dropping our bags off was getting something to eat – and drink! We decided on a cute little place called Cafe Americano, right down the street from the hotel. This trip, I focused heavily on martinis for some reason. Food was good, service was good, drinks were great!

Espresso martini and some kind of lemon martini. Both were delicious!

I didn’t take much in the way of makeup on this trip with me. I decided doing my lashes every day would make up for skipping eye makeup on most of the days. I only brought one lipstick with me: Rare Beauty Matte Lip Cream in Inspire and one lip gloss, Becca Glow Lip Gloss in Rose Gold (sadly, Becca went out of business).

After storming all day, there was finally an hour or so left of sunshine in the day. We hit up one of our favorite places (and my favorite bar in the city), the outside bar at Smith and Wollensky. As annoying as the rain was, it was really beautiful after it stopped. If you’re ever in South Beach, definitely check it out. It sits at the end of 5th, right across from Fisher Island. I really love the vibes there and everything is good!

Our last full day in Miami was a beach and a pool day (finally)! I was determined to put my feet in the sand and get some sun! I bought a new swimsuit from Amazon for this trip also, but more on that later! In the meantime, you can check out my other swimsuit post for when you gained a little weight but still want to look and feel sexy and confident.

This day also happened to be Valentine’s Day, so we had a nice long day on the water before heading to Joe’s Seafood for dinner.

It was a wonderful long weekend and I’m already ready to go back.


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