Antica Farmacista Iron Wood Candle

Antica Farmacista Iron Wood Candle |

You know, I was going to clean up this photo some; stage it to look aesthetically pleasing, but I changed my mind. It’s not perfect but everything in this photo, just like this candle makes me pretty happy.

There was something about the black soot on the white candle called Iron Wood that brought me great pleasure on this dark and gloomy morning. In the background is my current favorite fragrance, Jazz Club by Maison Margiela. I bought that book of photographs taken by the Chief White House photographer Pete Souza many moons ago from President Obama’s time in office and have yet to get through the whole thing, but it makes me happy looking at his face. The generous book of matches that came with the candle gives the space a sophisticated touch. Like, “yeah, I use long-necked matches to light candles, what of it?” The expired passport that has taken me on some of the best adventures of my life. The old-as-dirt TV and DVD player that have been my Day 1’s since day one! I left the stack of papers in the photo, well, because that’s real life for me. It seems like there’s always stacks of papers (and empty perfume samples) somewhere.

I actually bought the Iron Wood bubble bath several weeks ago and liked the scent so much I decided to get the candle as well. The candle does not smell as strongly fragrant as the bubble bath, though. I noticed that when I first lit the candle but in the end, I think that’s probably the best way to go. I imagine it would be very overwhelming. Here’s a description of the scent:

From the brand:

TOP: Violet Leaf, Sage, Basil, Ambrette Seed

MIDDLE: Cardamom, Pepper, Black Tea, Birch Leaf

BASE: Ironwood, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Rye

 A herbaceous medley of sage, ambrette seed and basil blends with an aromatic accord of cardamom, black pepper and black tea while an infusion of vetiver, birch and violet leaf adds earthiness. Warm, creamy notes of sandalwood, vanilla and rye balance with the cool, dry notes of ironwood and black walnut, completing this rich, flinty blend of herbs, woods and spices.

Many will likely find the scent on the masculine side, which is right up my alley, as these are the kinds of fragrances I have been drawn to over the past several years. I have been burning the candle almost daily for about two weeks and it’s half gone, but it’s only 9 oz. When all of the wax is gone, I plan to use it as a small flower vase. I bought the candle from Nordstrom and it’s still in stock. It would make a great gift, or a nice treat for yourself.


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