Aritaum Vita C Sheet Mask

I am trying to use more sheet masks because they are uber effective and only take 20 min to pamper yourself and transform your skin. I chose the Vita C Fresh Essence Mask from Aritaum this time around. I have been consistently using Vitamin C on my skin and wanted to just supplement it a bit. 

Aritaum Vita C sheet mask
Aritaum Vita C sheet mask
Aritaum Vita C sheet mask

The mask right out of the package was drenched in sheet mask serum. I left it on for 20-25 min and used a damp wash rag to remove the excess from my neck and face. 

There was nothing really special about the mask. My skin felt soft but that’s about it. It adhered to my face pretty well, average. Of all the Aritaum sheet masks I have tried this one was kind of underwhelming. Good thing I just purchased a bottle of vitamin C serum!




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