ColourPop is in Sephora Stores and I Have Swatches!

It’s official! ColourPop is now in select Sephora stores. Luckily, most of the line was available at the Sephora near my house. I have a few swatches, and I mean a few of the items that were available at the time. Here’s what I was able to get and had the time to get swatches of:

Semi Precious Shadow Palette ($26.00)

Legit AF Highlighter Trio ($24.00)

Feelin’ Fine Lip Gloss Trio ($18.00)

ColourPop Semi Precious Shadow Palette

ColourPop Semi Precious Shadow Palette
ColourPop Highlighter Trio Legit AF
Legit AF Highlighters top to bottom: Over the Moon, Spoon, Wisp

Feelin’ Fine Lip Gloss Trio top to Bottom: Obviously, Lay-Z, Fairy Me

Initial Thoughts

Me and metallic lips are not the best of friends but I do often try them anyway. The Feelin’ Fine Lip Glosses are so pretty!

I am IN LOVE with Over the Moon from the Highlighter Trio! I hope ColourPop releases that one on its own but I honestly don’t see why they would, from a business standpoint.

The Semi Precious Shadow Palette, and every other all metallic palette like it, is not calling my name. I just don’t enjoy palettes of this nature. If you do, have at it. The other one I could not get swatches of is their larger and Golden State of Mind Palette, going for the same price. That said, I feel like the palettes are overpriced for ColourPop but I will give them the benefit of the doubt and assume Sephora made them do that. The Yes Please palette has 12 shadows and I only paid $16 for it. Harumph! Anyway, I have a whole heap of shadows in my cart from their fall collection I plan on getting to make my own palette so no loss there.

My store did not have the You’re a Gem Lip set, nor did they have any singles available. The salesperson there said that they haven’t gotten them yet. No promises, but if they get them in, and I make my way back to Sephora, I will update this post with those swatches.

P.S. Forget about trying to get 20% off on these for the VIB sale, because they won’t be part of the promotion.

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