ColourPop Kitty Kit – Ultra Matte Lip Minis Review

The ColourPop Kitty Kit ($20.00) contains five mini Ultra Matte Lip shades in Last Dance, Glitter, Be Merry, Times Square and Bianca. These are all new shades that cannot be purchased separately. 

Here are a description of the shades:

Times Square – muted pink beige
Bianca – soft dusty pink
Be Merry – mid-tone true warm pink
Glitter – rich red- violet
Last Dance – true brick red

These are truly tiny, tinier than I expected, actually. If you really loved one of the colors in particular, it’s quite possible that you might run out. Thankfully, all of the shades are totally dupable. The colors I liked the most were Last Dance and Glitter. Be Merry is bright and pastel on me (not in a good way) and Times Square and Bianca are way too light to be worn on their own for me. In order to get full use out of the lighter colors, I have been experimenting with mixing the lighter colors with darker colors already in my stash. I mixed Times Square with Tulle and I was swooning! So pretty. It came out like a pinky nude. 

ColourPop Kitty Kit – Last Dance
ColourPop Kitty Kit – Glitter

And here is Tulle mixed with Times Square:

I think the formula has changed slightly for these. The liquid is very thin and applies evenly. I had to dip the wand in the tube two or three times to get enough product out, which leads me to believe you might run out fast with constant usage. Last Dance has been in heavy rotation for me. Last Dance and Glitter lasted 5-6 hours on me and needed to be reapplied after eating. I do also find these to be slightly transferable, but will stay put through drinks.

I am going to continue to find other lipsticks in my stash to mix with Bianca and Times Square, as well as Be Merry. I think overall, lighter toned ladies will enjoy this kit a lot more than darker toned ones as I could only wear two of the five colors on their own.




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