Full on Bangs: Motown Tress Wig N. NYX Review

I had my eye on Motown Tress Y. NYX for some time before I finally just went on ahead and purchased it. Those thick, full bangs just kept calling my name. I notice when it starts getting cold, I start wanting bangs for some odd reason. It’s odd because I feel like bangs age me a good five years. But I always still want them! 

Motown Tress Y NYX

Check out the video I made for Y NYX:

The wig is about bra strap length on me and I am 5’8. The bangs are quite realistic looking, but they feel prickly on my eye lids. I have tried to re-position it many times, but I am going to have to just trim them a little bit so they don’t hit my eyelids. 

One important aspect to mention about the wig is that it doesn’t have any combs at all in the wig. In general, I don’t use the combs in wigs because they pull at my hair, but with wigs with bangs I feel like you need at least one in the back. The wig is of average size, but my head is on the smallish side so I would feel a lot more secure if there were combs or a drawstring. It does have the adjustable hooks in the back but they don’t make me 100% secure.

Motown Tress Y NYX

 I purchased the wig in a #2, which is supposed to be dark brown, but this wig is black. It doesn’t take away from me liking the wig but I was hoping for a 2. 

The wig is layered and this is one of my favorite things about the wig. It makes it so much more realistic looking, which helps because I find the wig kind of shiny. I took pictures with flash as well so that you can see the yaky texture of the wig.

Motown Tress Y NYX
Motown Tress Y NYX
Motown Tress Y NYX

Overall, I am pleased with Y NYX and it’s definitely one of the better wigs with bangs. This will suffice on those days where I long for bangs!





  1. Keish
    January 29, 2016 / 10:09 am

    Very Naomi Campbell. I will be collecting this upon my arrival. ;-p

    • Bella Noir Beauty
      January 30, 2016 / 1:28 am

      Remind me about it when you come

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