ColourPop Sculpting Stix | Illuminati | Typo (Platonic) | Venice

ColourPop Sculpting Stix ($5.00) have been out for some time and I hadn’t gotten around to reviewing them because I wasn’t very excited by them. That’s not to say that they are bad because they’re not, I just don’t find myself reaching for them as much as I thought I would. That likely has something to do with the fact that I don’t contour more often that I do…

Nonetheless, I have a review of the contour Stix in Typo, renamed Platonic, and the two highlighters in Venice and Illuminati.

ColourPop Sculpting Stix
ColourPop Sculpting Stix
ColourPop Sculpting Stix
ColourPop Sculpting Stix

First off, I would describe the two “highlighters” Venice and Illuminati more as concealers. Venice is supposed to be a light bisque and Illumiati is described as soft yellow butter cream. They happen to be matte, which I love, love, love, and actually do brighten up the area you apply them in, I just assumed they would have some shimmer to them and they do not. Great if you want to brighten areas of your face, as you would with concealer but I thought these were actually stick highlighters when I purchased them.

Venice and Illuminati look very similar to me; I’m not sure what ColourPop was going for making these so similar looking. They are basically both cream colored and the result is the same on me no matter which one I use. Typo (Platonic) is actually quite nice and dark enough for me. I apply these by drawing lines where I want the color directly on the skin and then blending.

Overall, I like the Sculpting Stix. They are effective, easy to use, and cheap! Another win from ColourPop!




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