Crece Pelo Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment Review (Dominican Hair Care Product)

In my lifetime, I have probably tried around five or six different Dominican products and brands. I have only had one bad experience, which was the shampoo and conditioner making my hair a tangled mess. As far as deep conditioning, I typically deep condition every single time I wash my hair because my hair loves and lacks moisture. By deep condition, all I mean is take some conditioner and leave it on for at least 30 minutes using a shower cap and a very warm hat to generate heat. So I need to get as much as I can in my strands. 

The actual name of the product is Crecepelo Tratamiento Fitoterapeutico Natural. After using a cleansing conditioner or a sulfate-free shampoo, I apply this very liberally to my hair and scalp– I mean I totally saturate my hair until it feels slippery and soft. Then, I put on a plastic shower cap and a bonnet. Because I want to generate as much heat as possible, and I don’t own a dryer that you can sit up under (and I’m too lazy to use a blow dryer for heat), I use the warmest hat I own on top of the bonnet. So in total, I use the shower cap, the bonnet, and my trapper hat (this thing is warm). I go about my business for abut 30-45 minutes and wash it out. While you are rinsing, you will feel your hair much softer and smoother and more manageable to work with.

I usually apply a leave-in conditioner at his point, again quite liberally, and let my hair air dry. In order to maximize growth and retention, I try not to manipulate my natural hair with heat, which is relaxed by the way.

More About the Product:

Crece Pelo Conditioner/Treatment is the first phito therapeutic treatment that consists of the use of natural plants, for the capillary growth. Its innovative formula contributes 100% active natural extracts necessary for the good state of the hair. This treatment adds the nutrients necessary to return health, beauty, vitality, softness and flexibility to the hair, helping it to grow.
After shampooing on clean hair. Massage for 15 minutes before washing out with plenty of water.

Ingredients:  water, cetearyl alcohol, gliceryl monoestearate, behentrimonium chlroride fragrance, diazolidinyl urea. Extracts & naturals actives: laurel, nettle, arnica, bardana, watercress, calendula, ivy, chamomile, lemon, pine, rossmery, capuchina, salvia, tioxolona, milk of cotton, fibro actives

Crece Pelo is white, thick in consistency, and very creamy in texture. You get a nice amount in the 16 oz. jar it comes in and it seems to last me a very long time. For those with longer and thicker locks, it will likely last you less time. The smell is very nice– not intoxicating, not overwhelming and somewhat subtle, yet gives you the scent of a freshly washed head. I love it. Think squeaky clean without trying with hints of a baby powdery smell. It’s not heavy on the hair at all and rinses out pretty easily.

I definitely recommend this product for naturally curly hair, or hair that’s a hard-to-manage jungle of tangles. Great for relaxed or naturals as well. As far as if it does what it says it does, which is aid in capillary hair follicle growth, I think it does. I can’t say if this product makes my hair grow, but it definitely helps as far as retention. I lose the most hair when I am washing it. Trying to detangle is a terrible process and I end up losing lots of hair. This absolutely helps on that front.



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