Curating a True Nude Lip For My Skin Tone

I often wonder when the beauty industry will call “nude lipsticks” for what they are: beige. I’m guilty of it too, if only by social construction. However, it turns out, my lips are not beige; they are actually almost the same color as my face. So for me, a true nude lipstick is going to be something in the brown category. To acheive this look, I used two lipsticks: Bite Beauty Molasses, which provides the base shade and outstanding moisture, and Power from the L’Oreal x Balmain Collection on top. Here are the results:

In direct sunlight
Bite Beauty Molasses, L’Oreal Power (taken with flash)
Here’s a before and after of my bare lips and then my lips with the combination shade on them (with flash)

Here’s a live action video of the lipstick, and what it truly looks like on me. It was taken in direct sunlight. This is the closest it looks like to my naked eye.

Left: Bite Beauty Molasses; Middle: L’Oreal Power; Right: the two shades mixed together


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