Weekend in New Orleans

I hadn’t been to New Orleans in seven or so years before being reunited with my favorite city in the entire country! For me, New Orleans is all about good times, good food, and good vibes. This trip also preceded a trip to Italy, so I decided to treat myself and get my nails done. I got a dip powder manicure, which is basically gel, but better IMO, and a basic pedicure. I have been doing my nails on my own for a long time but they never look as good as when someone else does them. The shade eludes me but on the shade name on the nails sample said something like LV 47 (shrug). A cute google search of that leads me to Let Me Bayou a Drink’, which is totally appropriate. It’s a milky pink and looked absolutely perfect against my skin tone.

Let Me Bayou a Drink

The pieces I chose for this trip reflected how I wanted to feel in the hot, humid last-days-of-summer in New Orleans. Comfortable, yet still stylish. We had plans to visit a distillery (which sort of fell through), have some absinthe (I love absinthe), visit the new Four Seasons bar, followed by dinner. I chose this Satin Dress from Express. which felt great, looked great, and allowed me to move with elegance and grace in a hot and sweaty city. It also hides my little pooch, which  is a plus.

A bit about my makeup routine for these four days: I tried my best to keep it simple. One thing I did not want was to be melting. I stuck with my Fenty Beauty Matte Foundation (review here if you’re interested); I get the most compliments on this foundation, especially when it’s humid. When it does start to feel like it’s more sweat than glow, I touch it up with my Bobbi Brown Powder Foundation. I tend to carry this powder around in my purse since it’s so compact and does a phenomenal job on coverage.

Satin Scoop Neck Midi Downtown Cami Slip Dress

The standout product here are those bold brows. Do you see them?? They’ve never looked better. This is the ABH Dip Brow and Glossier Boy Brow combination. It cannot be beat. Not only do my brows look realistic (they are sparse as hell, honey) but the New Orleans humidity had no chance!

The absinthe bar was a trip – it turned out to be a total dive and is actually called ‘The Absinthe Bar.’ Just like a dive bar, the drinks were nice and strong. I was very surprised to find it had a beautiful speakeasy in the back called Belle Epoque. We had to head to our next destination and it had just opened at 6pm so didn’t get time to explore it.

Chandelier at the Four Seasons Bar
The Four Seasons Bar New Orleans

Another piece I chose for this trip was more casual. I knew that we would be doing a lot of walking, so I wanted to keep dry but also be able to feel whatever breeze might come along. The stripe poplin mini dress was perfect for this. It has a boyfriend fit, so it’s a little loose but not too loose and it still felt feminine. I can see getting a lot of wear out of this dress during warm days.

Express stripe poplin mini dress

My favorite dress from the trip I wore to dinner on our last night in New Orleans — it is the beaded slip dress from Zara. I love the dark olive green color and the intricate detail on the straps. It’s also a satin-like fabric, and has slit going up the leg. I got a little bit more dressed up for this look for dinner at Commander’s Palace and felt incredibly sexy with it on.

Zara beaded slip dress

Another reason I was excited to visit New Orleans is because I’ve recently finished reading the Mayfair Witches series by Anne Rice. After finishing the series, I wanted to see where the house was located, as I read that the house was inspired by the house Rice herself used to live in. It’s now called the Brevard Clapp Wisdom House and it’s been painted! Sob! It’s unassuming on the front facade, but it’s one of the largest homes in the garden district and the property is incredibly beautiful.

The house is beautifully described in the first novel (and the longest), The Witching Hour. The house plays a large role in the overall premise of the book, which is why i was dying to see it. If you haven’t read these books, I’m not going to say they are a must read, because there are there’s some things in there that are incredibly disturbing that might not be for everyone, but it is one of the most β€” if not the mostβ€” beautifully written books I have ever read. Actually, I listened to this book and the other two in the series on Audible. The narrator does a fantastic job and I felt like I was there in New Orleans watching everything happen.

See you later, New Orleans!

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