Face Heaven: Tosowoong Dr. Troubex Sparkling Mask + Daiso Silicone Mask Cover

My face has never felt this good from a sheet mask. I even repeated the exact process with different sheet masks and I did not get these results. I want to first talk about the Tosowoong Dr. Troubex Sparkling Mask , and then the Daiso Silicon Mask Cover. I don’t know who Dr. Troubex is, but he/she is amazing. Certainly loving all the scientificky-sounding ingredients. What drew me to the mask was the familiar ingredients listed on the front of the mask I already know my face happily agrees with.

Tosowoong Dr. Troubex Sparkling Mask (bellanoirbeauty.com)

So most of the results of this mask probably came from the greatness that is the Daiso Silicone mask, the mask (made of silicone) that keeps your sheet mask moist for a ridiculously long time.

Tosowoong Dr. Troubex Sparkling Mask (bellanoirbeauty.com)

Tosowoong Dr. Troubex Sparkling Mask (bellanoirbeauty.com)

The mask fit my face very well and had a perfumey scent. I was able to leave it on for 40 minutes with the help of the Daiso Silicone Mask Cover and didn’t smell the scent after putting on the mask. The mask had so much essence on it and plenty left over for bathing my neck and exposed parts of my face with it; it as dripping down my neck, there was so much essence I happened to enjoy this!

Daiso Silicone Mask (bellanoirbeauty.com)

Daiso Silicone Cover Mask

Daiso Silicone Cover Mask (bellanoirbeauty.com)

Daiso Silicone Cover Mask (bellanoirbeauty.com)

Daiso Silicone Cover Mask (bellanoirbeauty.com)

The mask cover basically keeps your sheet mask hydrated for an extended period of time; basically until you decide to remove it. After I removed it, it felt like I had gotten a facial. My face was the softest I have ever felt it and so plump and smooth and bouncy! It was brightened but only temporarily. I can say, 100%, that this was the best sheetmasking experience ever.

The mask was uncomfortable though. I found the longer I kept it on, the pressure became painful behind my ears. I am happy to report that the more I use the mask, the less painful my ears are, so it might just be stretching out.

I would repurchase both of these masks 1000 times!The Tosowoong mask is $4.00 at Beauteque and I purchased the Daiso Silicone mask from Amazon.




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