Freetress Equal Lace Front Wig: Jackie

Hello all. This is one of my favorite wigs! I need to repurchase it! I got it in a 4/30 and it was my first time experimenting with a lighter color.

This wig had to grow on me. I was not crazy about it the first time wearing it but I received so many compliments on it. It complimented my skin tone so well. As far as the quality of they wig– it is synthetic. This wig lasted me an extremely long time, but only because I did not wear it continuously everyday and did not sleep in it.

There was adequate amount of parting space for the wig to seem realistic. I did not use any tape or glue, just the combs and straps. I believe I purchased it from my local BSS but you can easily find it at hairsisters, clairhair, or whatever hair website you prefer.


The Video


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  1. Adam Smith
    April 26, 2013 / 5:25 am

    Really, it is a beautiful lace front wig.

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