How a Simple Change in Lipstick Can Change Your Whole Look

Sometimes I have this image in my head of makeup I want to do on myself, for example, a tropical heat look where I imagine myself on an exotic island with. But then, when I put it on my face, it doesn’t always come together nicely.

Sometimes, I even just plain old hate it.

It is AMAZING how a simple change in lipstick can change your whole look!

In the first photo, I decided I wanted to complete the look with the Balmain x L’oreal lipstick in Fever. I thought it was too much orange and in the end made me look like melted chocolate, and not in the good way lol.

In the second photo, I changed my lipstick to Dior Addict Oversize and was shocked I tell you shocked! at how pleased I was with the final look. And all I did was change my lipstick!


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