I Haven’t Worn Makeup in Weeks, and I Don’t Know How I Feel About It

You know, I thought with this whole global pandemic thing that working from home would be fantastic. In the past, I thought I would enjoy a full-time work-from-home job because of the convenience, but I really love being in the city. I often remind myself that many people work from home and are successful at it, so maybe I just need to calm tf down and try to make the most of my work-from-home experience. Well, easier said than done. Our governor has ordered us to stay at home until June 10th. I wrote up a post last week about things to do to busy your mind while stuck at home. That’s made this week better than last week and the week before.

The first week, I got up like I normally do and got ready for work. Took my shower, tended to my skin, and yep, put on makeup. Towards the end of the week, I had stopped putting on makeup altogether. Even for the now very popular Zoom video conference calls! The following week, I didn’t even think about putting makeup on and now it just feels like a chore. The last time I wore it, I just felt like I was wearing makeup. Like something was just sitting on top of my skin, and I was pretty annoyed by it. Not to mention having to double cleanse at night to take everything off.

Not wearing makeup hasn’t made me feel less productive, contrary to my original opinion. But not wearing makeup has me a lot more prone to touching my face which we are not supposed to be doing!!  On the other hand, I have been spending more time on my skincare routines, sheet-masking more than I have in some time. I haven’t had many breakouts and when I see my bare face on those video conference calls, I don’t feel like “who is that girl? Wow, you look so different without makeup!” You know, when you wear makeup everyday, you feel like you have to wear it for default confidence. I don’t feel like that at this point. I don’t have many visitors, but when I do I am not thinking oh, I need to put my face on.

So in a way, not wearing makeup over the past few weeks has made me accept myself more without it, which is a definite positive. Plus my skin is probably very happy to have the break. On the other hand… I do miss it. I really love dressing up and getting pretty. So what I am going to do is find inspiration. I have a whole catalog of inspirational looks on my instagram I am going to go through to jumpstart my mojo. If it happens, it happens. If not, no sweat!

How are y’all doing on the makeup front? Are you all creating content or just chilling out?

P.S. Details on the look above can be found here.


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